Exclusive: Gun-toting intruder on ID’s Home Alone turns out to be single mom’s estranged husband

Watch an exclusive clip from this week’s chilling episode of Investigation Discovery series Home Alone below — as an intruder who left a single mom terrified in her house turns out to be her estranged husband.

Erin was newly single from partner Ryan and raising her four-year-old son Owen alone in April 2009 when she started finding signs of someone entering her home.

Her peace of mind was then shattered when she started receiving threatening text messages from an anonymous sender. Through interviews and recollections on tonight’s Home Alone episode, titled Bullets in the Basement, Erin’s intruder is finally revealed to be her ex.

In the footage, longtime friend Chuck recalls the early days of Erin and Ryan’s relationship, and tells how on the surface Ryan appeared to be a charming Halloween-loving party boy who left a positive first impression on those he met, including Erin.

But we learn that after they split he comes back to confront her, his rage set in motion by divorce papers he received. He still considers Erin’s house his home too. Her cozy home becomes the location for a terrifying came of cat and mouse as she tries to protect her friends and young son.

But despite Erin’s proactive safeguarding, Ryan is so unhinged that things go south quickly when he arrives one night to find Chuck and another friend sleeping over and, in a chaotic break-in, gunplay and mayhem ensue…


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Home Alone airs Thursday at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery

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