Exclusive: American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda shows off detective’s forensic cell phone skills

Lt. Kenda is back for season 2 of American Detective, unraveling new crimes. Pic credit: discovery+

Discovery’s top cop and detective Lt. Joe Kenda is back for season two of American Detective on discovery+ based on actual criminal events. 

The exclusive preview for Monsters & Critics highlights this new season, beginning in Antioch, California. First, lt. Kenda talks about the Relis Eastman murder that went down in 2019. Relis was shot and left for dead in his kitchen. But why?

Our clip shows one of the case detectives, Corporal Gonzalez, unraveling cell phone data as Lt. Kenda narrates the scene.

The star lawman has a long history with Investigation Discovery and is a fan favorite, refusing to retire. Lt. Kenda’s insight and experience make this true-crime reenacted series one that resonates thanks to his expert narration dotted with wry commentary. The result is Lt. Kenda finds justice for the dead and highlights the work of other ace detectives on each of these puzzling crimes.

The Relis Eastman murder

Officer Ramirez investigates the crime scene and finds a massive pool of coagulated blood around the victim’s head.

The victim was shot in the back of the head. Kenda shares insider details, sharing the mysterious bloody scene and a bizarre bullet fragment that has turned this into a homicide case.

Enter Corporal James Colley, a homicide detective assigned to the strange Antioch case. Additionally, his partner was a newer detective, Corporal Adrian Gonzalez, featured in the exclusive preview below. 

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The premiere is a master class in how detectives work, unraveling the motives and the circumstances of violent crimes. Antioch, we come to learn, is a very dangerous city in the Bay (California) area.

And Detective Colley surmises that the shooter knew the victim based on the closeness of the gun to the victim’s head.

About the series, American Detective

Lt. Kenda is one of the most experienced and successful homicide detectives, boasting a 92% solve rate as a 23-year Colorado Springs Police Department veteran.

His career was profiled in nine seasons of ID’s hit series Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda. However, there’s no retirement for Lt. Kenda yet as discovery+ asked him to spotlight other great men and women who answered the call. 

Over the years, Kenda has heard about cases that expose the worst of human nature. Now, Kenda trades in his case files to bring viewers astounding investigations from across the country, with each episode profiling a different homicide detective whose hard work nets real justice for the victim. 

“With a voice that grips you from the first ‘my, my, my,’ Joe Kenda is arguably the best storyteller in true crime. Having him guide viewers through the twists and turns of these labyrinthine cases with his clever witticisms and no-nonsense demeanor elevate these stories beyond another true crime story into must-see TV for fans of the genre,” said Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content in a statement sent to Monsters & Critics. 

Of note, Lt. Kenda authored two books, “I Will Find You” and “Killer Triggers.”

American Detective With LT. Joe Kenda (season two) is back with six episodes, with two new episodes streaming on discovery+ on Wednesday, January 26. New episodes will drop weekly on Wednesdays on discovery+ after that.

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