Exclusive: American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda in the case of the ‘Death Roll’

The awful murder of Veronica Reyes is next on American Detective. Pic credit: discovery+

In the next episode of American Detective, the murder of Veronica Reyes is the subject of the episode titled ‘Death Roll.’

Louie Aguilera Detective, LA County Sheriff’s Department, and Adrian Roxas Prosecutor LA County DA’s Office are called to consult and review their case notes as Lt. Joe Kenda offers his take on the 2008 murder of this 30-year-old mother.

The killing of Ms. Reyes was bizarre. Gunshots rang out in broad daylight, killing a young mother of four, Veronica Reyes, only steps from her workplace.

Veteran detective Louie Aguilera works hard to find the assailant, but the investigation leads him across international borders. The detectives continue searching for someone new in Veronica’s life, and they hope her autopsy will reveal more information.

What happens in Reyes’ autopsy

In Monsters & Critics exclusive clip below, the coroner’s results feel like overkill as this woman was shot so many times, with so many fatal bullets. And the coroner says that he has detailed results for the two detectives.

Louie Aguilera, Detective of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, says: “We learned that she had sustained eleven gunshot wounds, and seven of those gunshot wounds were fatal. The fatal rounds came from the abdomen area. She had been shot in the head as well. The weapon was a 40 caliber Glock. She also sustained a significant wound to the left forearm. It looked as though it was a defensive wound that when she saw him approaching her car as she put it in the park, she raised her left arm to block whatever he was going to do to her.”

Chiming in on the case and the autopsy results, Adrian Roxas Prosecutor LA County DA’s Office (former) says: “The last seconds of Veronica Reyes’s life was trying to defend herself making sure that she was protected so that she could be there for her kids
but obviously, that did not work.”

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Delivering his summation with his usual laconic deadpan wit, Kenda wraps up his comments and says: “There’s no other weapon involved, there are no stab wounds, no second gun, none of that.”

Estranged husband Carlos Reyes

The overkill is a dead giveaway that the murder was deeply personal and based on revenge motives. In People v. Reyes, B266696, 2 (Cal. Ct. App. Jun. 22, 2017) summation, the death of Ms. Reyes was, with no surprise, attributed to her estranged spouse Carlos Reyes.

In Monsters & Critics’ exclusive interview with Lt. Kenda, he cites revenge, sex, and money as common motivating reasons for any murder.

American Detective streams on Wednesday, February 23 on discovery+

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