Everton Brown murdered his neighbors in a triple homicide: Fear Thy Neighbor investigates

Police tape

Fear Thy Neighbor is in Baltimore, Maryland, to investigate the murders of three individuals, Ismael Quintanilla, Sara Alacote, and Sagar Ghimire, who were all brutally killed by their neighbor, Everton Brown.

Everton Brown had tormented his neighbors for years with his erratic behavior. He seemed to believe that the FBI was continually searching his house and his car, and he began to accuse his neighbors of all working for the FBI. He also posted on social media that government agents were following him.

He would often shout from his porch using a megaphone and would march up and down his street with a firearm. His neighbors had already regularly called the police on him.

On a Saturday morning in May 2021, Brown forced his way into Quintanilla’s home, where he stabbed and shot the 41-year-old to death. Quintanilla’s wife, 37-year-old Alacote, fled the house, but Brown chased after her and shot her several times.

Two other neighbors emerged from their homes during the incident, and Brown shot them too, one of the victims (who was unnamed) survived the shooting, but 24-year-old Sagar Ghimire, sadly, lost his life.

At some point during the shooting spree, Brown set fire to his house triggering an explosion that destroyed his home and the neighboring house.

The cops gunned down Everton Brown

When the Baltimore cops arrived at the scene, they found Brown waving a handgun, and when he refused to drop the firearm, four officers opened fire. He died from the wounds a short time later.

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The police found that Brown had been armed with a handgun and a knife, and chillingly, they also found explosives in his car.

A neighbor, Kweku Quansah, told The Baltimore Sun, “He was shooting toward us,” Quansah said. “And then I saw a lady on the ground. He turned and shot the lady again on the ground.”

Other neighbors on the street expressed that the incident was of no surprise and was only a matter of time.

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Fear Thy Neighbor airs Mondays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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