Elisa Lam’s bizarre elevator video and water tank death featured on Horror at the Cecil Hotel

This week on Horror at the Cecil Hotel, a look at the bizarre death of Canadian student Elisa Lam and the strange behaviour she exhibited prior to her untimely death.

Lam had been staying at the Cecil and was due to check out on January 31, 2013, but she failed to contact her parents and they called in the police.

Detectives searched the hotel, the roof and even brought in sniffer dogs, but no trace of Lam could be found. They then launched a media campaign, releasing her image online and posting up flyers.

By February 14 and still no sign, police decided to release the rather strange elevator CCTV video which showed Lam acting somewhat strangely. The video features Lam trying to get the elevator to work and it seems to be malfunctioning. But the student also moves in quite an odd manner and moves her hands whilst rocking back and forth.

The video went viral on Chinese video website Youku, where many thought her actions might be the result of some paranormal activity. Though Lam was also bipolar and it could well be the elevator was malfunctioning. Other viewers thought she might be under the influence of a drug like ecstasy.

Meantime the search continued and some hotel guests had been complaining about low water pressure and discoloring. On February 19 Lam’s dead body was found floating in one of the hotel’s rooftop water tanks. She was naked with her clothing nearby along with her hotel key and watch.

There was no sign of trauma or sexual assault on Lam’s body and her death was ruled an accident.

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Lam was not the first person to die at the hotel under strange circumstances and you can read more about the many deaths in the hotel in this entry.

Horror at the Cecil Hotel airs on Mondays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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3 years ago

One of the creepiest aspects of the Elisa Lam case is this bizarre coincidence –


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