Ejaz Ahmad was murdered by his wife Leah Ward and then decapitated – Evil Stepmothers spotlights this grisly case

Ejaz Ahmad was shot, stabbed and decapitated by his young wife Leah Ward, Evil Stepmothers examines this case of cold-blooded murder.

May 2003, and Pakistan-born store owner Ejaz Ahmad, 41, was found dead in a shed behind his house in Memphis, Tennessee. His body was discovered by his 11-year-old son and the boy’s grandmother, as they went to check on a pet chicken.

Their discovery was a gruesome one with Ahmad badly decomposed body wrapped up in plastic and decapitated, with no sign of his head. He’d been shot in the chest and repeatedly stabbed in the neck and upper body.

The medical examiner was able to identify Ahmad from his fingerprints and police soon suspected his new wife, 26-year-old Leah Joy Ward.

Ward admitted to police that she’d killed Ahmad but said it was in self-defense, when the got into a argument. She then explained that in a panic she had gotten rid of the gun and later dismembered his corpse.

At her trial in 2005 the prosecutor pointed out that her actions did not seem to be those of someone in a panic. With the disposal of the gun and then the grisly cutting up of body parts, including chopping into neck and thigh bones.

Ward also pawned and sold a lot of Ahmad’s possessions and told his family and friends that he’d just suddenly left town.

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The jury did not believe her self-defense story and Ward was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

It is thought that having married Ward, Ahmad had found out about her prior drug conviction and that her violation of parole meant she was due to head back into prison.

She Is Evil!': Madness And Murder In Memphis book cover
She Is Evil!’: Madness And Murder In Memphis by Judith A Yates

Author Judith A Yates wrote a book about the case in 2017 called ‘She Is Evil!’: Madness And Murder In Memphis.

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Judith Yates
1 year ago

Hello, I am the author of the book and also appeared on television shows to discuss the case. I hold exclusive rights to the photo of Leah and Ejaz (he is wearing a yellow shirt). Please label the photo as such. I would be happy to discuss the case if you would like. Thank you!

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