Edmund Kemper III aka The Co-Ed Killer murdered and dismembered at least 10 people

Mugshot of Edmund Kemper III
Edmund Kemper was guilty of killing ten people, including his mother and grandparents. Pic credit: Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office

Police apprehended Edmund Kemper in 1973 after he had killed at least ten people in the 1960s and 1970s, making him one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

He became known as The Co-ed Killer because he mostly targeted young student women; however, he also murdered his mother and his grandparents.

Kemper, who was known for his above-average height and IQ, had a difficult childhood growing up with an alcoholic and abusive mother, and he would later go on to blame her for many of his problems.

He showed early signs of depraved behavior when he began killing family pets from 10 -years-old. He also made chilling threats against his sisters. His mother forced him to sleep in a locked basement to keep him away from his siblings.

At 14-years-old he ran away to California, where he murdered his paternal parents in 1964 and was sent to a juvenile’s prison. He was released at 21 after convincing the authorities that he was rehabilitated.

He would then go on to kill his mother and her best friend, along with six female college students between May 1972 and April 1973.

The Co-Ed Killer selected his victims by driving around university campuses picking up hitchhikers. He would then drive them to a secluded location where he would murder them. He then took the corpses to his home as souvenirs where he would decapitate, mutilate, and have sex with various body parts.

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Edmund Kemper turned himself in

In April 1973, after killing his mother and her friend, he went on the run, believing he was the subject of a manhunt. When he learned that he was not being pursued, he telephoned the police and confessed to his crimes.

Kemper finally went on trial in October 1973; he was charged and convicted with eight counts of first-degree murder. When the judge asked Kemper what punishment he thought would be appropriate, the killer responded by saying he should be tortured to death.

He remains in prison today, having been refused parole in 2017; he’s next eligible for review in 2024.

Kemper’s half brother, David Weber, told the UK’s Daily Mail in 2017 that he believes Kemper hasn’t told the full truth and that there are more victims buried out there.

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