Dwight Tobyne was chopped up by his wife and scattered over three counties

The murder of Dwight Tobyne was particularly macabre — with him being chopped up by his wife Shari before she dumped his body parts in three different counties.

He was murdered in November 2009 but to everyone around him all seemed well, as Dwight appeared to continue to write emails and send messages to his family and friends. But by July 2010 his daughter became worried something had happened to him and reported him missing.

It turned out Dwight was in the process of divorcing his wife Shari Tobyne and on the day he was due to move out of the family home in Scottsdale, Arizona, she shot him dead.

Shari then kept his body in their house before eventually dismembering it and leaving the parts in three different counties. She kept up the illusion of him being alive by using his phone to email and text his friends and family.

Once detectives started taking Dwight’s daughter seriously they began to investigate his wife and they also matched up the various remains that had been found by people across the state with the missing man.

Shari was arrested in August 2010 and pled guilty to murder before being sentenced in May 2013 to life in prison plus an additional 31 years for related charges.

The case features on Investigation Discovery series Grave Secrets, in the episode titled “Proof of Life”.

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Grave Secrets airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery. 

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