Dr. Roman Rezanowicz’s murder of wife in staged suicide features on Deadly Dentists

Investigation Discovery series Deadly Dentists this week looks at the chilling case of Dr. Roman Rezanowicz — who strangled his wife then hung her in their garage to make it look like she’d committed suicide.

In the episode, we see a professional and educated man descending into a myriad of malevolent acts as he lashes out at his wife Kelli, her family, and even his dental assistant before things took an even more disturbing turn.

After Rezanowicz met and married Kelli, nee Davis, her family started sensing something was “off” yet put their best manners on and tried to overlook his oddball ways.

But as our exclusive clip shows, things went south quickly. Kelli tried hard to normalize her husband’s increasingly bizarre behavior, but a vicious beast was growing inside the dentist’s own mind.

During a weekend visit with Kelli’s parents, our clip shows how her mother playfully squirts Rezanowicz with a toy gun during an in-jest moment, but he seethes over it and then exacts an over-the-top revenge.

During the episode, we see Kelli end up dead in an apparent suicide, but when detectives look into it they start to unravel a web of deception and realize there may be more to her death than meets the eye…


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Deadly Dentists: Dental Plan airs Friday, December 1, at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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