Dr. Anthony Garcia murdered 11-year-old boy and three others over being fired

Dr. Anthony Garcia is somebody who bore a grudge — with horrific consequences.

In March 2008, a shocking double murder hit headlines when 11-year-old Thomas Hunter and his family’s house cleaner Shirlee Sherman were found murdered in his family home — both left with a knife sticking out of the right side of their necks.

Nobody could figure out why two such innocent people would have been killed like that in cold blood, and the case eventually went cold.

However, five years later when Roger and Mary Brumback were found dead in their home in May 2013 – not far from where the previous murders took place — police found eerie similarities, with the couple both having been stabbed in their necks.

Homicide detective Derek Mois, a veteran with Omaha Police Department, told People magazine in 2016: “All the wounds were in a small area of the right side of the neck. All of these wounds told us whoever did this was looking for this geographic spot. Someone knows anatomy is what it told us.”

Roger had been the former chair of the Department of Pathology at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebrasaka — the same place where 11-year-old Thomas Hunter’s father, Dr. William Hunter, was a director.

The links sparked alarm bells and led police directly to Dr. Anthony Garcia, who had worked at Creighton before being fired by Brumback and Hunter back in 2001.

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Police believe Garcia carried out the four killings as revenge after being given a bad reference which had reportedly stopped him getting a job as a doctor elsewhere.

The shocking case forms the basis of the latest episode of James Patterson’s Murder Is Forever on Investigation Discovery, which looks at how Detective Mois responded to the initial horrific double homicide and what happened later.

Garcia was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder in October 2013. A death penalty hearing has been repeatedly delayed and is now reportedly scheduled to be heard in March.

James Patterson’s Murder is Forever airs Mondays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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3 years ago

While viewing on ID the Dr. Anthony Garcia murder case, I came to the conclusion before the verdict that I knew he was guilty. The circumstantial evidence, to me, was so overwhelming that I could not be persuaded to render a not guilty verdict.

My reasons are too numerous to mention in this post. One should think about paying very close attention to the nuances of body language, along with the testimony. Some people are just better at focusing in on finite details than others.

Balancing cynicism vs trust is an art form that one either possesses or not! Case closed!

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