Douglas Le was convicted of sex crimes after he catfished numerous underage boys: Web of Lies investigates

Mugshot of Douglas Le
Douglas Le was sentenced to 16 months for catfishing underage boys. Pic credit: Campbell Police Dept.

Web of Lies is investigating a case of catfishing involving school teacher Douglas Le, who sent multiple messages to numerous children in an attempt to persuade them to engage in sexual activity.

For several years, Le taught chemistry, biotechnology, and environmental science and also coached the track team at a High School in Gilroy, California, near San Jose. Unfortunately, he was also soliciting minors for nude photographs.

Le managed to get away with his sex crimes for several years before the police finally put a stop to his insidious activities.

The teacher created a false Facebook persona of a teenage female porn star named Rae Pelletier, which he used to encourage underage boys to send him sexually explicit or nude photos of themselves.

The police believe he may have sent inappropriate messages to up to 500 children. He messaged students from the high school where he taught and other students from the surrounding areas.

He was eventually stopped after Facebook notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that Le was contacting minors with inappropriate messages. He was arrested and charged in April 2016, and he resigned from his position as a teacher.

Douglas Le was sentenced to 16 months

In February 2017, Gilroy pleaded guilty to 19 felony charges, all related to sex crimes, and he was sentenced to serve 16 months. The maximum sentence he could have been ordered to serve was 12 years.

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The Gilroy School district was warned about Le in 2014 when a parent came forward to say their daughter had received sexually inappropriate text messages from the teacher. At the time, Le was disciplined over the messages, but incredibly, he was allowed to continue teaching.

In October 2018, Le was out on parole and was living in Campbell, Ca. when he was, once again, arrested on sex charges after he allegedly used a dating app to have sex with a minor. He was accused of contacting and arranging to meet a minor for sexual purposes.

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2 years ago

I can’t believe Le is still walking free. This shows us the poor justice system in the USA. Street justice is the only justice. The problem we have are the moron Judges and juries that make poor decisions.

6 months ago

It just goes to show the lack of importance placed on kids. Even if they’re of high school age, every CHILD deserves protection & justice! The judge should be dismissed and disbarred!

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