Double murder of Sharon Denson and her boyfriend by husband investigated on Before I Die

Police Tape

Sharon Denson stumbled from her boyfriend’s home in San Antonio, Texas, in 2008, she’d been shot seven times and was severely burned. The witnesses who came to her aid all heard the same thing: “my husband did it,” said Denson.

Sharon and her husband Glen were sharing the same house, but they were both openly dating other people. However, in June 2008 Glen Denson, shot his wife and her boyfriend Sidney Dees seven times each, he then tried to burn their bodies.

Sharon was found out on the street with skin falling off her body and a smell of gasoline emitting from her. After informing several witnesses of the identity of the perpetrator, Sharon was taken to hospital where she died a week later. Dees’s body was later found by police in his home severely burned.

When police arrested Glen Denson, they discovered a plentitude of evidence against him. He had fresh burns on his legs, and his clothes tested positive for gasoline. He had gunshot residue on his arms and bullets found at his house matched the spent casings found at the scene of the murders.

Denson’s son, Christopher, would later testify against his father; he stated that his father had been inquiring into his mother’s whereabouts before she was murdered and that the burns on his father’s legs had not been there before the murders took place.

Glen Denson’s girlfriend, Gina Ellison, testified in favor of him, stating that he was a “very nice person.”

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Prosecutor Linda Molina told the court at Denson’s trial: “Dead people don’t testify, but Sharon Denson lived just long enough to tell us what happened.”

Glen Denson was convicted of capital murder in 2011; prosecutors did not seek the death penalty; he was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. In 2012 an attempted appeal by Denson’s lawyers failed.

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Edward Patterson
Edward Patterson
3 years ago

He should have gotten the death penalty

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