‘Dog fright’ leads to deadly shooting on Fear Thy Neighbor

Tonight’s episode of Fear Thy Neighbor on Investigation Discovery recounts the story of how a row between neighbors over a dog that frightened children got so heated that it left one of the neighbors dead.

The episode, titled Feud on the Frontier, revolves around two neighboring frontiersmen who apparently got along just fine until a dog belonging to one of them scared the other neighbor’s daughter and grandson.

A war between the neighbors ensued, one of them shot the other dead, and police had a tense standoff with the shooter.

Feud on the Frontier is the second episode in Fear Thy Neighbor, a new ID series that debuted last week.

The first episode, called Hysteria Lane, revolved around a couple who tragically lost their son and then fell into a conflict with a family with two boys that moved in across the street. Like tonight’s episode, Hysteria Lane’s story culminated in a deadly shooting.

Fear Thy Neighbor “tells the chilling tales of those with the misfortune of unwittingly taking up residence within a stone’s throw of a nightmare next door,” according to ID.

The show integrates dramatic recreations of real-life incidents along with testimonials from individuals who witnessed the situations.

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In each incident, what appears to be an ordinary spat between neighbors escalates into a horrific event.

Fear Thy Neighbor is one of a handful of new shows that have debuted on ID over the past week. Others include Love Kills and The Real Story With Maria Elena Salinas.

Fear Thy Neighbor airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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