DJ Alan Lee Lama conspired with Cathleen Quinn to murder her husband James – Web of Lies is on the case

DJ Alan Lee Lama got himself entangled in a complex love triangle that ended with him committing murder, Web of Lies investigates the case in this episode.

Lama had developed a bit of a following as an Arizona disc jockey but at some point he met Cathleen Quinn online and moved to California. There he began an affair with the married 34-year-old and the pair decided they wanted to be rid of her husband permanently.

On January 24, 2003, police answered a report of an injured man at a local fast food outlet, when they arrived at the scene they found the dead body of 36-year-old accountant James Quinn. Cathleen Quinn told police that the pair had pulled over in the van so she could use the rest room, when she came back he was bleeding in the van.

However, after questioning detectives did not buy her story and she was arrested for murdering her husband and conspiring to do so. They worked out that she and Lama had planned to bring her husband to a remote industrial area after dinner and then beat him to death. After the pair had killed him,  she drove to the fast food restaurant so they could pretend he’d been attacked there.

Lama and Quinn were both charged with the first-degree murder of James Quinn.

In October 2004 Lama was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Earlier the same year Cathleen Quinn pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder, though the judge was less than keen, and was sentenced 15 year to life.

The judge said of Cathleen Quinn: “Her actions are the most atrocious and the most heinous I have ever heard of.”

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R Prado
R Prado
2 years ago

This is ridiculous. If was proved beyond the shadow of doubt that cathy as as guilty as Alan if not more. Only 15 years?

8 months ago
Reply to  R Prado

I am hearing tonight on a new ID DISCOVERY SHOW, murderer, which is what i call her, Cathy Quinn was sentence not only 15 years, but, Fifteen Years (minimum) to LIFE. i would think so, this happened NOT because of stupid weak-minded man Alan but for not Cathy planning it, the brutal killing of James Quinn (rip)would’ve never happened 19 years ago.
She is just plain evil. Should NEVER have the chance at parole, ever. I will follow to see if she get out, she should never. Continue to RIP James Quinn.

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