Disappeared spotlights case of missing Spokane mom Deanne Hastings

This week on Disappeared the show looks the case of missing Spokane mom Deanne Hastings.

Spokane, Wash, and 35-year-old Deanne Hastings heads to the store and is never seen again.

The man due to marry Hastings was Mike Tibbets and he last saw her when she headed to the local store.

Another man, Randy Riley, also saw her later that day walking down the road. He said she was drunk and aggressive, though he claims to have spent a few hours with her.

Later he was arrested and jailed in early 2016 for using her stolen bank card to rent video, though he said it was the next day when he found her coat and bank card in the street.

However, later Tibbets found her car near a local knitting factory and inside were her purse and phone.

Hastings has gone missing before, though not for long and never with no phone, car, ID or cash.

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There is more information about the search for her and contact details on this Facebook page.

Disappeared airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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