Disappeared examines the case of Kortne Stouffer who went missing in 2012

This week Disappeared examines the case of Kortne Stouffer, who went missing from her bed one night and has

The disappearance took place on July 28, 2012 Palmyra, PA., when 21-year-old Kortne was partying with friends at her apartment. Her boyfriend Bradley was also there, but the night got off to a bad start at around 9PM when the cops arrived and arrested Bradley. He was on probation for DUI and his probation officer had him removed.

Kortne was a bit of hippy chick, but she also had a temper and gets pretty angry with her neigbors who she suspects grassed her boyfriend up after seeing him arrive with booze.

However, fun loving Kortne was determined to still have a good night and heads into the town of Harrisburg to continue the evening.

Things don’t get any better here and she ends up in screaming match with a woman and her boyfriend at one of the bars. She ends up getting kicked out of the bar and heads home with Cody Pruett, an old friend.

When she gets back to her apartment Kortne again gets into another big argument with her neighbors. The police are called after things looks like they might get physical.

The cops tell them to get back into their apartments and calm down but around an hour later they are back out, this time all is quiet.

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By this time it is after 4am and all the light are off in Kortne’s apartment, the cops decide to let everyone sleep it off.

At 7.30 the next morning Cody wakes up and cannot find Kortne. He heads to the store for some food and sends Kortne a text to let her know he’s gone.

Kortne Stouffer has never been seen since.

Her apartment was found exactly as if she’d just disappeared. Her keys were on the floor where she typically threw them, her dog was still there and her car was sitting in the drive.

There was no sign of any struggle and there are no real clues as to what happened.

Someone identifying themselves as a friend did reach out to police and local press with a story that it was a drug related crime and that her body was rolled up in a carpet and dumped in Memorial Lake. The police carried out an extensive search but found nothing, even when they used sonar in the lake.

Her family and friends still hold out hope Kortne is alive and if you can find out how you can help at the Facebook page they have setup and on Bring Kortne Home.

Disappeared airs on Sundays at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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