Disappeared asks: What happened to Holly Cantrell?

Holly Cantrell was a mother of three who left the Oklahoma hospital where she worked one day and simply Disappeared, Investigation Discovery examines the case.

January 20, 2017, in McAlester, Oklahoma, and physical therapist Holly Marie Cantrell went off for her lunch break and was never seen alive again.

Cantrell, 40, was spotted on CCTV getting into a green truck, but the driver later told police he dropped her off at Braum’s and then forgot to go and pick her up. The last sighting of the mother of three was by a member of the public at Braum’s about 12:20 P.M.

Holly Cantrell photos
Cantrell was a mother of three and worked at a local hospital

Her stepdaughter told police that it would be very unlike her to just disappear without telling anyone and a search was soon started. Cantrell’s purse was found in some woods but little else in the way of any leads were forthcoming.

Then in February 2018, some bones were found around a mile from where the purse had been discovered, they included part of a skull and were spread over a wide area.

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A piece of green cloth in a family member's hand
Family members found some material that could be the remains of Holly Cantrell’s uniform

Cantrell’s family aided the medical examiner and other volunteers in combing the area and in March more remains were found, including some green clothing that could be what is left of the nursing scrubs she was wearing when she went missing.

The bones have been sent to Texas for the lengthy identification process to being, with her family saying they are fairly certain that the bones do belong to Catrell.

Disappeared – In Broad Daylight airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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