Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse examined on 48 Hours on ID

Portrait pic of Jennifer Kesse
Jennifer Kesse has been missing and assumed murdered since 2006. Pic credit: Orlando Police Dept.

48 Hours on ID is in Orlando, Florida, to investigate the abduction and presumed murder of Jennifer Kesse, who disappeared without a trace while making her way to work in 2006.

The 24-year-old has been missing for 15 years after vanishing one morning while heading out to work. She is assumed to be dead, but a body has not been recovered, and nobody has been charged with her murder.

Jennifer was last heard from alive after she spoke on the phone with her boyfriend, Rob Allen, on the evening of January 23, 2006. The next morning, her boyfriend became concerned when she failed to call or text him; unusually for Jennifer, her cellphone went straight to voicemail. She then failed to turn up for work.

A search of her condo revealed nothing unusual, but her phone, keys, and purse were missing. Her friends and family initiated a search, and the police declared her officially missing that evening.

Two days later, there was a breakthrough in the case when her black Chevy Malibu was located in the parking lot of a condo approximately one mile from her home. But there was still no sign of Jennifer, and at the time, the police concluded that there was no evidence of a struggle.

The cops thought they had a further break when they learned that surveillance footage had captured an individual driving Jennifer’s car into the parking lot. They can then be seen walking away from the car; however, frustratingly, their face was obscured by a fence.

Sometime later, a study of photographs of the hood of the car concluded that the dust on the vehicle had been disturbed and appeared to indicate that an individual had been slammed into the car hood. The dust also appears to show fingers being dragged along the hood.

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The police concluded that Jennifer had left for work as normal, but she was attacked and abducted as she went to get in her car. In 2016, she was declared dead by the state of Florida.

Many suspects in disappearance of Jennifer Kesse

There were a number of suspects on the detectives’ radar. Jennifer had complained about construction workers who had been living and working near her condo and had recently made her feel uncomfortable. Perhaps, one of these individuals had abducted her.

About three years after the abduction, a former housekeeper at Jennifer’s condo complex said they recognized the individual in the surveillance footage as a man called Chino. They said they recognized the clothing and person’s gait.

Chino was identified as a maintenance worker who had lived and worked in the same condo complex as Jennifer. What’s more, Chino was already in police custody, serving time for a statutory rape charge.

He was interviewed about Jennifer but denied having any involvement in her disappearance. He took and passed a polygraph test leaving the cops at another dead end.

The investigation and the hunt for what happened to Jennifer continues today.

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48 Hours on ID airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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