Disappearance and suspected murder of Billie Lynn Groff in 46-year-old case re-investigated on Cold Justice

Police circulated pic of Billie Lynn Groff
The whereabouts of Billie Lynn Groff has been unknown for 46 years. Pic credit: OH Attorney General

Cold Justice is re-examining the disappearance of Billie Lynn Groff, who vanished from her home in Hubbard, Ohio, in 1977.

On the evening of July 4, 1977, Billie’s husband, Ed, and their two small children were out enjoying a Fourth of July celebration when the 28-year-old mysteriously vanished.

A friend spoke with Billie on the phone at about 10 p.m. when she suddenly told her friend, “They” are coming up the driveway. I have to go.” The police have never been able to determine who “they” were, and they don’t know if “I have to go” meant she had to end the conversation or leave the house.

Billie’s family returned home at 11 p.m. to discover the house was empty. Billie had left all her belongings behind, and there was no sign of foul play, but she never reappeared.

Her husband reported her missing two days later, and the Hubbard PD began a search.

Unfortunately, 46 years have now passed, and Billie’s now adult children still have no idea what happened to their mom.

Billie had been studying piano at the nearby Youngstown State University; she also taught dancing in her basement. Her family described her as a well-loved member of the community who was very genuine and easygoing.

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Hubbard police searched extensively for Billie Lynn Groff

In 1979, police chief Ernest DeMatteo told the press that the police had searched “lonely country roads,” abandoned train tracks, and everything in between with no luck.

DeMatteo suggested it was possible Billie had been murdered but also said she may have joined a cult.

In 2022, the investigation was reinvigorated thanks in large part to Cold Justice, and the Hubbard police appealed once again to the public for help.

Investigators have learned that Billie was going through a divorce with her husband, Ed, and there have been some accusations that he could be quite domineering.

Ed was also accused of not seeming “overly concerned” about what happened to his wife. There is also some suspicion that some of his movements on the night Billie disappeared are unaccounted for.

Police excavated a site in Billie Lynn Groff missing case

Billie had originally come from Farrell in Mercer County, which was just over the state line in Pennslyvania. In 2022, the Hubbard cops joined forces with Farrell PD to excavate an area in Mercer County. However, it’s unclear if they were able to shed any light on the case.

Billie Lynn Groff was described as 5’1″ tall, weighed about 120 lbs, and had brown hair and hazel eyes. She would be 75 today if still alive.

Anyone with additional information or questions regarding this case is asked to contact the Hubbard Police Department at (330) 534-8153.

Cold Justice airs Saturdays at 7/6c on Oxygen.

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