Diane Cunningham was murdered by Ari Lee King using a car jack – See No Evil

Diane Cunningham was murdered by a man she trusted and her body left for her daughter to find more than a week later, See No Evil reveals how CCTV helped catch her killer.

October 6, 2014, at Salt Creek RV Park in Port Angeles, WA., and Diane Cunningham’s body was found in her home by her daughter, Tamra Wilson.

Her home was splattered with blood and an autopsy revealed she’d died of blunt force trauma to her head. The examination also revealed that Cunningham had died around nine days before she was discovered.

Detectives found no evidence of a forced entry and some CCTV from a local Walmart on September 27 proved to the be last sighting of the 65-year-old.

CCTV also helped them find her killer, after her car was spotted on footage from September 28. It showed Ari Lee King taking Cunningham’s Audi on the local ferry, without her present. Following his arrest, it was also discovered that he’d stolen cash and a coin collection from the house.

King was a friend of Cunningham but the investigation revealed he’d beaten her to death with a car jack.

In November 2015 King, 42, pleased guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

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