Diabolical George Kalomeris murdered Thomas Wayne Jones and Gary Wayne Thomas for their money

George Kalomeris had a taste for other people money, one that led him down a callous and murderous path – Diabolical examines his crimes.

August 15, 1997, and Thomas Wayne Jones, 56, from Delaware was found by police lying naked in a field, he’d been shot in the back but was still alive. He identified his attacker as 42-year-old George Kalomeris.

Kalomeris was arrested a few days later in Montgomery County and held whilst his transfer to Delaware could be arranged. Whilst in the county jail he asked a fellow inmate, Norman Ellis, if he knew someone who could kill Jones for him, Kalomeris offered $10,000.

However, Ellis contacted the police and agreed to carry out a sting against Kalomeris whereby he pretended to have found a shooter and required some cash as a downpayment. The money was sent to the drop by Kalomeris’s brother, though he denied knowing what the money was for. More cash was sent with the return address listed as the Silver Spring home of Kalomeris’s wife Noreen, then 26.

Already facing a charge of attempted murder, he was now charged with murder-for-hire on top and the investigation soon found evidence of past crimes.

As detectives dug further into Kalomeris’s affairs they found he’d been using the bank account of Gary Wayne Thomas, 42, who’d been missing since the summer of 1996. Kalomeris and his wife were charged using Thomas’s trust fund and cashing checks in his name.

To avoid the death penalty Kalomeris confessed to killing Thomas for his money and then assuming his identity, he was given a sentence totalling nearly 400 years.

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Accordingly to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Kalomeris died aged 59 on October 10 2015.

Diabolical – Living Off the Dead airs at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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Weezie Johnson
Weezie Johnson
9 months ago

Watching this show is some of the most evil people that lived. I watch a lot of true crime but DAMN! All capable of murdering their own family and even kids and don’t give one damn. Got me side eyeing my husband and twins. Told them if they kill me I’ll haunt the shit outta them. 🤣 I’m kidding but for real though, these people are just unbelievable! After watching an episode I have to take a 10-15 minute time out and process what I just saw and heard.

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