Deputy Floyd Moore solved his own murder by holding onto killers ID: Before I Die on Investigation Discovery

Close up of Deputy Floyd Moore
Deputy Sgt. Floyd Moore died in the line of duty, but one of his last acts was to identify his killer. Pic credit: Bay County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

In 1986 Deputy Sgt. Floyd Moore of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit was shot dead at the Turtle Lake apartment complex in Panama City, Florida. In the early hours of January 28, Moore was moonlighting as a security guard at the complex where he also had his home.

At approximately midnight, Moore came across a suspicious individual on a walkway in the complex. He suspected the man was attempting a burglary and demanded to see his ID, which was handed over. Deputy Moore placed the ID in his breast pocket.

At no point did Moore suggest the man was under arrest.

The man told Moore he was visiting a friend in the complex, but when the deputy checked this story, it proved to be false. At this point, Moore used his mobile radio to call for backup. When a fellow deputy arrived on the scene just minutes later, he found Moore was dead, having been shot in the head with his own revolver.

The suspect had already fled the scene, but he had forgotten about his ID, which was still sitting in Moore’s breast pocket. This ID led investigators to the killer who was arrested the next day.

“He solved his own murder. The last case he worked on, he solved it himself,” said former Bay County Sheriff LaVelle Pitts.

A massive manhunt ensued for a Walter Grant Kyser who was arrested later that day in Columbus, Georgia, and charged with first-degree murder.

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Kyser was found guilty of first-degree murder and was given a death sentence. He remains imprisoned at the Jackson County Correctional Facility.

Before I Die can be seen tonight at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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