Deobra Redden attacked Las Vegas judge because he was having a ‘bad day’

Mugshot of Deobra Redden
Deobra Redden is facing new charges following his attack on Clark County Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Pic credit: Nevada Dept. of Corrections

The Las Vegas defendant Deobra Delone Redden, who attacked a judge during his sentencing, has claimed he was trying to kill District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus because he was having a bad day.

The 30-year-old Redden flung himself across the courtroom at the judge after it became clear Holthus was going to give him a prison sentence.

Redden had previously pleaded guilty to attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, and his lawyers had asked that he be given parole. However, Judge Holthus made it clear she couldn’t ignore the three-time felon’s violent record and was going to put him behind bars.

The defendant had spent the previous few minutes trying to assure the judge that he had put his violent past behind him. He told her he “never stops trying to do the right thing” and that he wasn’t a “rebellious person.”

A few minutes later, Redden jumped over the judge’s bench, knocking her off her chair and triggering a bloody scuffle involving court officers and staff.

Holthus had her head slammed against a wall and was allegedly struck in the head, and had some hair pulled out by Redden.

Las Vegas judge Mary Kay Holthus not seriously injured by Deobra Redden attack

The judge received medical treatment in the courtroom and was later taken to a hospital by a family member, but her injuries are not thought to be severe.

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Her colleague, Clark County Chief Judge Jerry Wiese, said she remains sore and stiff but is thankful the outcome wasn’t more serious.

The incident was captured on video, and the dramatic footage showed Redden lunging at the judge. Two court members could then be seen trying to restrain Redden as they threw multiple punches.

The court marshal, Shane Brandon, suffered a dislocated shoulder and received 25 stitches to a gash on his face following the melee. Brandon had been moving to handcuff Redden when the incident happened. The court clerk, Michael Lasso, also received minor injuries.

Las Vegas defendant Deobra Redden called Judge Holthus ‘evil’

According to KLAS, court documents revealed that Redden said he attacked the judge because he was having a “bad day.”

The defendant actually apologized to officers after the incident and told them that Judge Holthus had it “out for” him. He also accused Holthus of being “evil.”

Redden is now facing 13 different charges, including seven new counts of battery on a protected person, which refers to Judge Holfurthers and other court members. He also has six further charges of extortion and coercion with force.

He will be back in court on January 8.

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