Debora Moody had been missing for 11 years before Kenneth Lumpkin confessed to her murder: Hometown Homicide investigates

Close up of Debora Gail Moody
Debora Moody’s body was never found. Pic credit: Family photo

Debora Gail Moody was first reported missing on December 10th, 2007, by family members. She had last been seen six days earlier by a friend at her home in Long County, Georgia.

Over the next eleven years and a half years, the Long County sheriff’s office with help from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation followed every lead and conducted numerous searches but all, to no avail.

Finally, in 2019 there was a break in the case, Kenneth Lumpkin told investigators that he murdered Moody and hid her body. His confession was on the condition that he would receive immunity for the crime. He also gave investigators an approximate location for her remains; however, so far, nothing has been found.

Lumpkin was already serving time, having been arrested in 2010 for the kidnapping and murder of Lori Arrowood. A crime for which he is serving life without parole.

After his arrest, police looked into his past to see if there was a connection to Moody. They believed Lumpkin was an associate of hers but had no evidence that the two were linked at the time of her disappearance. Lumpkin was interviewed numerous times since 2010 and always denied knowing anything about Moody’s disappearance.

Eventually, in the summer of 2019, officers, attempting to find closure for Moody’s family offered him a deal; confess that he would be granted immunity from further prosecution. Finally, Lumpkin admitted to strangling her while attempting a sexual assault. Investigators have said they are satisfied no one else was involved in the crime.

Law enforcement officials from Long County have said they will keep searching for Moody’s remains. A memorial was held for Debora Moody in December 2019 when her family was finally able to say farewell.

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