Death of Susan Winters: Husband Gregory ‘Brent’ Dennis arrested on murder charge, ID investigates

Mugshot of Gregory Dennis
Gregory Dennis murdered his wife, Susan Wilkins, with poison and tried to stage it like a suicide. Pic credit: Henderson Police Dept

Investigation Discovery is airing a three-part special titled A Deadly Dose, which is examing the 2015 death of Susan Winters at her home in Henderson, Nevada. Her husband, Gregory “Brent” Dennis, has since been arrested for murder.

The pair seemed to be very successful from the outside, they had two teenage daughters, and Susan was an attorney and part-time judge in North Las Vegas. Dennis was a psychologist operating a clinic in Boulder City.

However, something very serious was wrong with their marriage.

On January 3, 2015, Susan Winters consumed a lethal amount of prescription painkillers and antifreeze at the home she shared with Dennis and their two teenage daughters.

Based mainly on information supplied by Dennis, the Clark County coroner put Susan’s death down as a suicide. However, Susan’s parents never accepted the suicide ruling and pushed law enforcement to examine the case more closely. They also filed a civil suit against Dennis.

Police began investigating Gregory Dennis in Susan Wilkins death

The case was reopened in late 2016, and the police subsequently learned that Dennis had been battling a cocaine addiction that was draining his finances. Investigators also discovered that he stood to inherit $2 million on his wife’s death, which included a $1 million life insurance policy.

They concluded that Dennis was guilty of murder, and he was arrested and charged in February 2017, just a little over two years after his wife’s death. He walked free a few days later after posting $250,000 in bail.

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A few months after Dennis was arrested, the coroner changed the ruling on Susan’s death from suicide to undetermined.

Dennis was indicted in February 2017, but his trial has been postponed until September 2020.

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A Deadly Dose airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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