Death of Kadie Major and daughter River investigated on 48 Hours

Kadie Major and Aaron Major
Kadie and Aaron Major, who is the only suspect in her death. Pic credit: Family photo/CBS

In January 2008, the remains of Kadie Major and her baby daughter River were discovered near train tracks in Berkeley County, South Carolina. At the time investigators ruled it as a murder suicide.

Authorities concluded that pregnant Kadie, 26, had thrown herself and 10-month River in front of a train. The force of the impact allegedly threw River into a nearby creek where she drowned.

Kadie’s husband Aaron, told investigators that his wife had been suffering from postpartum depression. He stated that she had been behaving erratically and had fled the family home in a paranoid and terrified state. Authorities at the time accepted this version of events.

However, Kadie’s mother, Vicky Hall, never accepted this outcome. She believed her daughter to be happy and content, a diagnosis reportedly backed up by Kadie’s obstetrician, Dr. Christine Case. Vicky did not believe Aaron’s version of events, either, and she felt that he himself had been behaving a little erratically at the time of Kadie’s disappearance.

Vicky decided, with the help of a private investigator Jessica Sanders, to investigate for herself what had happened to her daughter and granddaughter. They uncovered new information which led to an investigation by CBS’s 48 Hours, as shown tonight on Investigation Discovery, which brought the case to national attention. Berkeley County Sheriff’s office has since reopened the case.

Kadie, River, and Aaron Major in happier times.
Kadie, River, and Aaron pictured in happier times. Pic credit: Family photo/CBS

Detectives admit to Peter Van Sant of 48 Hours that there were inconsistencies in the original case. LT. Dean Kokinda told CBS that Vicky Hall had valid questions about the original case that hadn’t been answered.

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Sheriff Duane Lewis has stated that Aaron is currently the only suspect, but he has so far refused to cooperate with police and as of the time of writing no charges have been filed in this case.

Vicky Hall has promised to keep investigating, arguing that “the truth needs to be known and justice needs to be served”.

48 Hours airs tonight November 11, 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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