Death of Jean-Claude Dominique revealed double life and attempted murder of Eliette Dominique: ID investigates

Police Tape

Married With Secrets on ID investigates the tragic death of bigamist Jean-Claude Dominique, which then led to the attempted murder on one of his wives, Eliette Dominique, in a battle over his estate.

Dr. Jean-Claude Dominique led a double life. He was married to Eliette Dominique, and the pair had two children and a home on Long Island, New York. However, when not in New York, he stayed with his second wife, Betsy Dominique, and their two children in New Jersey.

Eliette and Betsy were completely unaware of each other until a tragic event in April 1999, when a hit-and-run driver killed Jean-Claude. The two wives met each other as their mutual husband lay in a coma in a hospital bed.

A judge ruled that Eliette was the rightful heir to Jean-Claude’s estate as she had been married to him first, and the second marriage had only proceeded because her signature had been forged on a divorce decree.

This decision had angered Jean-Claude’s brother, Aly Dominique, who believed that Betsy should have been the rightful heir. Betsy and Aly had known each other since childhood, and the police believe that he might have tried to wrest control of the estate from Betsy for himself.

Aly Dominique paid two hitmen to kill Eliette Dominique

Aly promised two thugs, Marvin Geden and Alexander Exama, $10,000 if they killed Eliette. In October 2000, the two hitmen ambushed Eliette outside her Long Island home as she left for work.

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They fired five shots at the 56-year-old, but she managed to crawl back inside her home, where her children dialed 911. Thankfully, Eliette survived the attack.

Geden and Exama totally botched the hit and were both arrested a short time later. They both pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree murder. Geden received a 19-year prison sentence, whereas Exama got 12.

In July 2002, Aly Dominique was convicted of second-degree attempted murder and conspiracy in the second-degree. The high school chemistry teacher was sentenced to 8 to 25 years in prison.

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3 years ago

Jean-Claude Dominique was only married one time – to Eliette. The ‘marriage’ to Betsy was legally ruled invalid, it never happened.

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