Deadly shooting involving grieving couple revisited on ID’s Fear Thy Neighbor

Tonight’s Fear Thy Neighbor on Investigation Discovery examines a conflict between a couple who tragically lost their son and a family with two boys that resulted in a deadly shooting.

In the episode, called Hysteria Lane, the couple are initially happy when the family moves in across the street. But then the relationship goes south, a conflict and accusation ensue, and the shooting occurs.

Fear Thy Neighbor traces unsettling real-life stories about individuals unknowingly moving into situations where their lives become imperiled. The show combined first-person accounts with dramatic recreations of what is believed to have occurred.

Tonight’s episode of Fear Thy Neighbor is the third of the season. The second episode — called Desperate Times, Deadly Measures — followed an Appalachian couple who are initially happy when their neighbors who mysteriously vanished return after 10 years.

But, after a series of twists and turns, there is a barrage of intimidation and harassment that results in a bloody conflict.

The first episode of the season, called Lust to Dust, followed a woman whose husband dies all of a sudden, after which she is targeted by a neighbor who is hitting on her.

The woman’s brother moves in with her to keep her safe, but he then gets into his own row with the fractious neighbor. As in the other episodes of Fear Thy Neighbor, the result is a bloody one.

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Fear Thy Neighbor airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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