Deadly Dentists spotlights Glennon Engleman who worked as a hitman on the side

Deadly Dentists

Glennon Edward Engleman worked his dentist who operated out of St. Louis and who had profitable sideline in murder for hire.

His first suspected killing was in 1958 when he is thought to have shot 27-year-old James Bullock so that his wife could collect $64,000. The wife’s name was Edna Ruth and she also happened to be Engleman’s ex-wife.

A few years later in 1963 the dentist is suspected of killing his own business partner, Eric Frey. He was hit with a rock and then tossed down a well, before dynamite was used to blow his remains up.

In the 1970s Engleman killed another four people, all for the purposes of letting someone collect either insurance money or an inheritance. His final known murder was that of Sophia Marie Barrera, who owned a dental laboratory and was owed money by the dentist.

Engleman was convicted killer when he admitted to the other murders and he boasted that his talent was to be able to kill without remorse. He shot, bashed and even blew up his victims and enjoyed planning the murders and the disposal of the remains.

This deadly dentist died in prison of a complication from diabetes in 1999.

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