David Mattison murdered his wife Nicole Mattison — Secrets of the Morgue spotlights the case

Crime Scene Tape photo
Nicole Mattison was murdered by her police officer husband, David Mattison. Pic Credit: Monsters and Critics

A 25-year police veteran, David Mattison, is featured in the latest episode of Secrets of the Morgue on Investigation Discovery for murdering his wife, Nicole Mattison.

On January 3, 1992, a severed leg washed ashore in Lake Ontario in Canada, near the Burlington Skyway.

Police initially believed the leg belonged to a man who jumped off the bridge just days earlier.

However, forensic pathologist Dr. David King examined the leg and determined that the remains belonged to a 52-year-old woman in Toronto, who was later identified as Nicole.

Dr. King ruled her death a homicide after noticing the saw marks on her leg.

It wasn’t long before David came forward and confessed to killing Nicole.

He told officials he shot his wife to death with his service revolver after they got into a heated argument inside their Fonthill, Ontario, home in Canada.

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The 55-year-old said he used a saw to cut her body into several pieces before throwing her remains in the lake.

David and Nicole were married for 33 years.

He pled guilty to murdering his wife and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he was released in 1996 and sent to a halfway house after serving fours years of his sentence.

Secrets of the Morgue — Dark Waters, airs at 11:00 pm on Investigation Discovery.

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2 years ago

In Canada is the place for criminals to take a chance on killing someone as the punishment will be like a slap
on the wrist. In Canada criminals get the chance to kill someone do the light prison term, then get out of prison and kill someone else and do some prison time, and then get out again. There is no death penalty in Canada because they think even serial killers get be rehabilitated. This guy killed his wife and did 4 fricken years prison time. Did he payoff the right people…lol

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