David Czinki lured Kathy Horn into his van before murdering her: Man With A Van investigates

Man With A Van profiles the case of Kathy Horn, a 16-year-old girl who disappeared after taking a lift with a man with a van in a quiet part of Michigan. David Paul Czinki was eventually found guilty of her murder.

On September 22, 1994, 36-year-old Czinki offered to give a group of teenage friends, including Kathy, a ride in his van. He got the group some marijuana, which they all shared, and the group drove around until the small hours of the morning.

In the middle of the night, the teenagers were dropped off, except for Kathy, who stayed alone in the van with Czinki. She was never seen alive again.

Eyewitnesses see a chilling scene

In a particularly chilling aspect of the case, witness David Lowshaw and his wife were out for a drive in late September 1994, when they noticed a van parked at the side of the road. The rear doors were wide open and propped up inside the van was a pale and grayish looking woman.

They observed a man behind the van digging with a shovel. Lowshaw attempted to phone the police on his cellphone, but he had no signal. On returning home, the Lowshaws forgot about their eerie experience.

However, five years later, Lowshaw spotted Kathy’s picture in a newspaper and recognized her from the woman in the van; he then reported what he’d seen to police.

David Czinki behaves suspiciously after Kathey Horn’s disappearance

Witnesses noticed that Czinki was behaving oddly; he had cleaned his van thoroughly, which was something he’d never done. He appeared to have wounds on his hand, and he seemed quieter and more tense than usual.

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When questioned by police over an unrelated drink driving offense, he reportedly said he’d take any punishments he was going to jail for life anyway over Kathy’s disappearance.

In May 1996, Kathy’s body was finally discovered by some mushroom pickers. When police took Czinki to the murder scene, he reacted by saying there was nothing more to say because the police had all the evidence they needed.

In 2002, David Paul Czinki received a trial by a jury who found him guilty of second-degree murder. As a fourth-time habitual offender, he was ordered to serve 35 to 52 years in prison.

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Gina M Loshww
Gina M Loshww
4 years ago

Your information on the witness is incorrect .bit was my father, and my mother . My fathers name is not David

3 years ago

Who cares that the witnesses first name is not correct. What is worse is that he “forgot” about what he saw in the van. After 5 years he suddenly remembers seeing a bidy in the van?? Most people would have had nightmares of that picture before their eyes.

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