Dark Net puts surveillance and cyber stalking under the magnifying glass

This week Dark Net looks at surveillance and cyber stalking as individuals and communities come under increased observation by the state and become vulnerable to crackers.

Countries like the UK have a huge number of CCTV cameras with nearly every major town and city stuffed full of them, recording every move of the citizens. The U.S. is not far behind and although these technologies together with license plate and face recognition can help stop crime, they also create a real dilemma for those defending basic freedoms.

One man on the show tries to defend his CCTV program to neighbors, who are wary of his plans to set the cameras up.

Another issue with our increasingly digitally connected world is that of the ratter, who use remote administration tool (RAT) to take control of their victim’s computers. They can then watch them via the webcam and control just about anything on the machine.

There are also various tools they can use that let them mess about with the victim via a GUI. So they can open webpages, send messages and even open drive bays or eject a DVD. Often they target women and are looking for compromising images or hoping to get some cheap thrills.

This week also includes a feature on a sex offender whose punishment is to remain under surveillance for the rest of his life.

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