Daniel Lynn murdered Christina Woods, a mother of four, with whom he was having an affair

Mugshot of Daniel Lynn
Daniel Lynn received a sentence of over 16 years for murdering Christina Woods. Pic credit: St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office

Christina Woods, a mother of four daughters and one autistic son, from South Bend, Indiana, went missing in June 2018.

The 28-year-old’s remains were found a month later in a shallow grave on a rural property near Duluth, Minnesota. The property belonged to a relative of Daniel Lynn.

Woods was allegedly having a relationship with Lynn, who was the husband of her best friend. Woods’s husband, Troy Woods, has said his wife had known her killer for about 25-years but that they had only recently started having an affair.

Woods’s husband thinks Daniel Lynn murdered out of jealousy

Troy Woods has also said that he thought he was about to get back together with his wife, and that Daniel Lynn murdered her out of jealously. He claims she phoned him on the day she was last seen alive but that the phone went dead before she had a chance to speak to him properly.

Investigators found a fire pit on the property that included metal buttons from jeans and a necklace. Woods’ body was found nearby wrapped and bound, in a fresh grave.

Lynn went on the run but was later apprehended at a campground in Michigan. He admitted to strangling Woods at his family’s farmhouse.

On February 25, 2019, he was sentenced to 16 and a half years in prison for second-degree murder.

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Woods’s mother, Mary Robinson, expressed disappointment with the sentence, she said “I think he deserves more. I think he deserved more time. “Just still comprehending everything. He wouldn’t look at us, he wouldn’t speak at the hearing,” but she also said she was grateful Lynn is “off the streets, where he can’t harm anyone.”

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