Crimes of serial rapist James Bergstrom investigated on Evil Lives Here

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Evil Lives Here is investigating the horrifying crimes of James Bergstrom, a serial rapist and sex offender, who terrified women in Harris County, Texas, and Kitsap County, Washington, throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Bergstrom was a naval submariner who began his criminal life as a peeping Tom before he graduated to stalking women and invading their homes.

He would wear a ski mask and break into the homes of women, and he would threaten them with a knife or a gun and tie them to the bed before raping them.

The case was notable for the efforts of Bergstrom’s wife, Linda Bergstrom, in eventually bringing her husband to justice. After Linda uncovered evidence of her husband’s crimes, she tried to inform the authorities but initially found herself ignored by the police, the Navy, and some so-called friends. Linda lived in fear for the safety of herself and her daughter.

Linda’s efforts at getting her monster husband finally locked up were brought to public attention by author Kathryn Casey, who wrote about the Bergstrom case in her book, Evil Beside Her.

Linda and James first met in Houston, TX, and initially, James seemed like a perfect catch. Linda said he was shy and reserved, wanted children, and had a steady job. He swapped that job for the Navy, and the pair moved to Bremerton, Washington.

James Bergstrom attacked multiple women while pretending to be jogging

It was in Bremerton that Bergstrom began attacking women while supposedly out on his evening run. His attacks grew bolder and bolder until the local cops started putting plainclothes officers on the streets, hoping to catch out the rapist.

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At one point, Bergstrom was even arrested, but the police didn’t have the evidence to keep him behind bars. The Bergstroms eventually moved back to Houston, TX, where the attacks continued. It’s thought he raped dozens of women.

In the meantime, Linda found her husband’s behavior was becoming increasingly bizarre. When she found a hidden stash of weapons, duct tape, and a ski mask, she knew she had to do something.

The Houston cops finally caught up to Bergstrom in the early 90s and he was placed behind bars. According to the Texan Dept. of Corrections, he is eligible for parole, but his projected release date isn’t until 2091.

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Evil Lives Here airs Sunday at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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