CopyCat Killers spotlights Robocop 2 serial killer Nathaniel White

This week CopyCat Killers spotlights the case of Nathaniel White, an American serial killer who was inspired by the movie Robocop 2.

His killing spree began in 1991 in the Hudson Valley area of New York when he stabbed Juliana R. Frank, a pregnant mother, to death and left her naked body on some railroad tracks. White’s next victim was just 14-years-old and he went on to murder another four women over the next year.

He was caught in relation to his double murder of Angelina Hopkins and Brenda L. Whiteside. He’d given them a lift from the Blue Note Tavern in Poughkeepsie, New York, and when he returned a to the same bar a few weeks later the sister of Angelina Hopkins recognised him.

The New York State Police arrested White and connected him to the other murders. He confessed but at trial he pleased not guilty to six charges of second degree murder, claiming he was not guilty by reason of insanity.

He also claimed that he was inspired by Robocop 2 to kill the first girl. He said in the movie a guy cuts someone’s throat and then slit them open from the chest to the stomach, leaving the body positioned in specific way. This is the way he says that he killed Frank.

However, was convicted and sentenced to 150 years to life and is currently serving out his sentence in Attica.

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