Cops season 30 premiere sees man fighting girlfriend’s son and wanted perp foot chase

Cops is back for an amazing 30th season and in this premiere episode a wanted man flees on foot and a man picks a fight with his girlfriend’s son.

A man gets carried away in an argument with his girlfriend and her son resulting him and the youngster getting into a fight. The cops break it up but there is not much they can do to sort out the fallout from this mess.

A wanted man flees from officers on foot and then makes a decision that is pretty desperate.

Later a woman’s boyfriend gets pulled over and his car searched. They find a gun with one in the chamber and some drugs but the woman insists her boyfriend is not a dealer. She also tells the cops she does not like them and eventually her focal complaints get her arrested.

Also a handy tip tonight, don’t try and hide in a trash can when the cops are chasing you with a dog…

Man with bloodied head after fight
This guy has been fighting with his girlfriend’s son, when is that every going to end well?

Unfiltered and in your face, cops is back with a realistic look at what life is like on the street of America for cops and criminals.

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Cops airs on Fridays at 8:00 PM on Spike. 

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