Detectives investigate case of Wendy Danniel Kent on Killing Fields

This week on Killing Fields, the detectives search some woods for the body of a woman who has been missing since 2002.

Wendy Danniel Kent was aged 35 when she went missing from Iberville, Louisiana on September 7th 2002.

Kent met her sister that day and then went to estranged husband’s place in Rosedale, where they were celebrating the birthday of one of their kids.

Her ex stated at the time that she left his house with a person unknown to him. Her van was found in her driveway along with her ID but Kent has never been seen since.

Police suspected foul play and the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s office worked hundreds and hundreds of hours trying to work out what happened to her.

The family even offered $25,000 for any information leading to a body or an arrest , but to no avail.

The area behind the levee is the sort of place the Killing Fields team might search anyway on one of their routine operations, but in this case Maj. Herbert has been given a tip.

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An anonymous informant has told him that the missing woman could well be buried in the woods.

Killing Fields airs at 10:00 PM on Discovery. 

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1 year ago

Everyone gave up on Wendy but we have not everyone that happens in the dark must come to light and it will

10 months ago

How can I find out more about Wendy’s ex husband? The birthday party she disappeared from were there other adults?

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