Clay King Smith murder his girlfriend, her cousin, two kids and a babysitter

Clay King Smith’s mass killing, that included his girlfriend Misty Erwin and her cousin Shelley Sorg, is featured on Evil Lives Here.

Jefferson County, Arkansas, on March 23, 1998, and 20-year-old Misty Erwin reported to police that her boyfriend Clay King Smith had beaten her and that she wanted help getting her belongings, so that she could move into a shelter.

However, when Erwin was escorted to Smith’s home she had a chat with him and decided to withdraw the charges and stay, a fatal decision.

On March 25 Erwin was reported missing, along with her cousin, her cousin’s two children and a family friend who helped as a babysitter. When police eventually entered Smith’s home they found the bodies places throughout the house.

Erwin, her cousin 24-year-old Shelley Sorg, 5-year-old Sean Sorg, 3-year-old Taylor Sorg and 12-year-old Samantha Rhodes had all been shot dead.

Smith was caught the next day following a a brief standoff at the local hunting club, where he was shot in the arm. He was arrested and charged with all the murders.

On March 18, 1999, King was found guilty on all five counts of murder and given the death penalty. He waived his appeals and on May 8, 2001, Smith was executed by lethal injection.

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