Chef Joe Vulevic is shot and chopped into seven pieces on Bad Blood

This week Bad Blood spotlights the gory murder of a chef, who is shot twice and then dismembered.

Danbury, Connecticut, in April 2004 and Zef Vulevic, also known as Joe, goes missing and is never seen alive again.

41-year-old Vulevic was a chef and a partner in a restaurant with his nephew Marash Gojcaj .

A few weeks after he went missing Vulevic’s remains were found stuffed into garbage bags. He’d been shot twice in the back of the head and then cut into seven pieces. At first police suspected a link with the Albanian Mafia, but it turned out the culprit was closer to home.

It took the Danbury Police Department, the FBI and the U.S. Marshals more than four years to bring Gojcaj to court.

They worked out that Gojcaj had shot Vulevic in the restaurant and that a meat saw missing from the kitchens was used to cut up Vulevic’s body. They also ascertained that Gojacaj had made two phone calls from the restaurant in the early hours of the morning, something he was unable to explain.

Witnesses also spotted him dragging Vulevic into the restaurant and his car was spotted both there and near where the remains were found.

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In 2011 Gojcaj was given a 50 year sentence.

Bad Blood airs on Thursdays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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