CCTV helped ID killer of jogger Cynthia Langrall

This week See No Evil examines the murder of Cynthia Langrall, who was shot dead during her early morning jog.

Glendale, Ariz. and 57-year-old Cynthia was out exercising and had almost finished, being just a block from her home when she was shot in the head. Neighbors told police that they heard two gunshots and a few had spotted a car in the area that was also caught on some CCTV footage.

Sadly Cynthia died later the same day in hospital and police immediately began checking the area for any video or witnesses. Luckily the CCTV footage gave them a car and a person of interest in the shape of Greg Hawkins, who’s roommate owned the car.

They traced him to his mother’s house where police surrounded the home and asked him to come out. A stand off ensued and lasted 12 hours, with SWAY and negotiators arriving to try and break the deadlock. He released his mother and later the SWAT team entered part of the home and rescued another man who was trapped there.

The next morning police heard a shot and Hawkins was found to have killed himself with a gun shot to the head.

It turned out that Hawkins had known Cynthia and her husband Charles Weber for years, with the latter having served on a Navy sub crew for more than 25 years. Detectives said at the time that Hawkins was a grudge bearing man and has sought to harm Weber by attacking his wife.

What time is the See No Evil episode about Cynthia Langrall on TV?

See No Evil airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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