Catherine Stanek-Cousins killed her husband Sean with help of lover Tim Koile – Diabolical spotlights the case

Catherine Stanek-Cousins and neighbor Tim Koile began an affair that led to the death of her husband Sean Cousins, Diabolical examines the case.

Tim Koile was on his second marriage and living in Palm Beach Garden, Florida, when airline pilot Sean Cousins, his wife Catherine Stanek-Cousins and their two kids moved in next door. Koile and Stanek-Cousins began an affair, one that was to have fatal consequences.

On May 7, 2001, things turned deadly and Stanek-Cousins shot her husband in their garage, firing a shot into his back and one into his head. Kolie then helped her clean up the garage, taking breaks to indulge in sexual activity. He then agreed to get rid of the body and drove Cousins’s corpse to the Deseret Ranch, where he left it under a bridge.

In November the pair were arrested and charged with first-degree murder, but at trial Kolie made a plea deal and admitted second-degree murder. He testified that Stanek-Cousins had shot her husband and that he had then walked in on the scene. Cousins was still alive and pleading for his life, but Koile did not help. Stenek-Cousins then asked him to finish Cousins off, but he refused and so she then shot her husband in the head.

Detectives believe that Stanek-Cousins’s motive was to collect her husband’s $1 million life insurance and to continue her affair with Koile.

However, she ended up being convicted of manslaughter rather than murder and in 2003 30-year-old Stanek-Cousins was given a 15 year sentence, she was released in 2015.

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Koile was given a 10 year sentence with 5 years probation and was released in 2011, though he was taken back into custody in 2013.

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