Carol Ege gruesomely disemboweled love rival Cindy Thompson – Betrayed investigates

Convicted twice, Carol Ege brutally murdered her love rival, Cindy Thompson. Pic credit: Michigan Dept. of CorrectionsBetrayed looks at the case of a deadly love triangle in Michigan. Cindy Thompson was seven months pregnant when the father of the child, Mark Davis, found her dead in her home in Pontiac, Michigan, on February 22, 1984.

Davis found Thompson lying dead on the floor of her bedroom; she had been bludgeoned and stabbed, her organs were lying on the floor beside her.

Police almost immediately suspected Carol Ege, who had been a partner of Davis. Ege had exhibited jealous rage towards Thompson in the past, and the pair had engaged in a physical struggle just 2-months before the murder.

Police could find no definitive evidence to charge her, and the case went cold. It was reopened 1992-1993 when evidence collected from the crime scene was submitted to the Michigan state crime lab for the first time.

Bite mark evidence helped convict Carol Ege

Authorities determined that a bite mark found on Thompson’s face could only have come from Ege’s front teeth.

Further evidence against Ege included two men acquainted with Ege, who claimed she had offered them $350 to murder Thompson and her roommate, who testified that she had asked to provide her with an alibi in exchange for free rent.

Thompson’s wounds were consistent with impacts caused by a ball-peen hammer similar to one found in Ege’s possession. However, no forensic evidence was found to link Ege’s hammer to the crime scene.

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With the exception of the bite mark, there was no physical evidence to link Ege to the crime.

However, she was still convicted of murder in 1992, only to have the conviction overturned in 2005 when a judge ruled that too much emphasis had been put on the bite mark, and the evidence was discredited.

She was resentenced in 2007 with the same verdict of life in prison without the possibility of parole. The jury decided that despite the lack of physical evidence, she was still guilty of the murder.

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