Bun Chee Nyhuis was murdered by her husband, Richard Nyhuis — Secrets of The Morgue spotlights the case

Bun Chee and Richard Nyhuis photo
Richard Nyhuis murdered his wife, Bun Chee Nyhuis. Pic Credit: Missouri Department of Corrections and Family Photo

The latest episode of Secrets of the Morgue on Investigation Discovery features the case of Bun Chee Nyhuis, who was murdered by her husband, Richard Nyhuis.

In 1987, a cartographer from Finland discovered human remains buried in a shallow grave on the S Bar F Boy Scout ranch in Farmington, Missouri.

When investigators scoured the area for evidence, they found old clothing.

Once they were able to determine the person was of Asian descent, a forensic anthropologist executed a reconstruction and released the image to the public.

It wasn’t long before a woman in Thailand named Wilaiporn Cox called Missouri police and said the reconstruction resembled her friend Bun, who was reported missing in 1983.

Cox told police that Bun was supposed to return to Thailand, but she never arrived.

It was later determined that the remains belonged to Bun Chee.

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Investigators questioned Richard about his wife’s death, and he said he didn’t know anything about it as she left him five years prior.

In a videotaped confession, Richard told police that he accidentally murdered Bun Chee in December 1983, when he got into an argument with her about buying a new house.

When he told her they couldn’t afford it, Richard said she threatened to move back to Thailand with their two children.

Richard said as he was about to leave the room, she attacked him.

He claimed she scratched his face and bit him, which prompted him to push her.

When he did that, Richard said Bun Chee fell and hit her head.

Bun Chee screamed for a doctor, but instead of seeking medical help, Richard said he suffocated her by placing his hand over her nose and mouth.

Richard put a plastic bag over her head to capture the blood. He then wrapped her body in a plastic sheet before dumping her in a deep freezer.

Three months later, Richard moved her body and buried her at the ranch where he worked.

However, the authorities weren’t buying his story.

According to Dr. Mary Case, a pathologist and Chief Medical Examiner for St. Charles County, she examined his wife’s skull and determined that her injury was not from a fall.

Case believed that Bun Chee was struck in the head with a small object.

Following a trial, Richard was convicted of capital murder.

He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 50 years.

Secrets of the Morgue — Intent to Kill, airs at 10:00 pm on Investigation Discovery.

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Richard Garcia
Richard Garcia
3 years ago

Well HE certainly won’t be getting out on parole in this lifetime. I believe that yes, she threatened to leave for Thailand, since her friend from Thailand was expecting her to return home in Thailand. But whether or not she threatened to take the kids with her, I believe that he murdered her because he refused to let her leave him. Like if she were a slave wife to him.

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