Brutal murder of Simeonette Mapes-Crupi by her husband, Jonathan Crupi, profiled on American Monster

Simeonette Mapes-Crupi in a family photo
Simeonette Mapes-Crupi was a dedicated school teacher who was senselessly murdered by her husband, Jonathan Crupi. Pic credit: Staten Island Advance/ YouTube

This week’s American Monster is Jonathan Crupi, who in July 2012 callously murdered his 29-year-old wife Simeonette Mapes-Crupi during an argument at their Staten Island, NYC, condo.

Simeonette was a dedicated high school teacher at a tough Brooklyn school, and she was delighted that her husband of five years was following in her footsteps by studying for a master’s degree so he too could become a full-time teacher.

However, she was distraught by Jonathan’s continuous infidelity. He had a sordid penchant for sex with prostitutes, which he would indulge when he was supposed to be studying for his degree.

The police believe that at some point on either July 4 or 5, 2012, Simeonette confronted Jonathan about his indiscretions. This led to an argument that culminated in murder.

Prosecutors would later argue that Jonathan had pushed his wife down the stairs, and while she lay helpless and injured, he stabbed her 15 times in the back. He then trashed the apartment, hoping that police would think it was a home invasion.

Jonathan then left home to run some errands and have sex with his favorite prostitute, Miss Pumpkin.

Jonathan Crupi pretended to be devastated

When he returned home, he dialed 911 to report the murder. He embraced his acting role as a devastated and grieving husband. His performance included tearfully laying two roses on Simeonette’s coffin at her funeral.

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At first glance, the murder appeared to be a case of gangland robbery gone wrong; however, as cops dug deeper into the situation, they began to see through Jonathan’s lies.

A search of his computer revealed he’d recently researched topics such as throat-slashing, neck-snapping, bleaching bloodstains, and destroying DNA evidence. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses, and the murder weapon was never found.

However, in October 2015, a jury found Jonathan Crupi guilty of second-degree murder, and he was given the maximum sentence of 25-years to life.

In 2019 he lost an appeal after his lawyers argued that two search warrants used against him had been invalid. He has confessed to being a cheating husband but still insists he is innocent of the murder.

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2 years ago

25 years isn’t enough. He’ll have plenty of time to live his life when he gets out. He planned this murder… so why wasn’t it 1st degree???
CLEARLY it was premeditated, he even planned errands for the day to give himself an alibi… should have been 1st degree, not satisfied with this sentence… SMDH!!!

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