Brian Shaffer and James Liedtka vanished without a trace: The Missing investigates

Profile pics of Brian Shaffer and James Liedtka
Brian Shaffer (left) has been missing since April 2006, and James Liedtka hasn’t been seen since April 2018. Pic credits: ID/YouTube and Bring James Home/ Facebook

The Missing on ID is investigating two cases that involve the disappearance of two twenty-something students who seemingly had it all to live for, but then both vanished.

Brian Shaffer was 27-years-old and studying to be a doctor at Ohio State University when he was spotted entering a bar in Columbus, but mysteriously, he was never seen leaving it.

James Liedtka was a 28-year-old veteran of Afghanistan studying engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout when he also disappeared after a night out with friends.

The disappearance of Brian Shaffer

On March 31, 2006, Brian Schaffer visited a bar with his friends in Columbus, Ohio. They were spotted by surveillance cameras entering the bar via an escalator; however, the cameras never saw Brian leave again.

When the lights came on at the bar at 2 am, Brian’s friends couldn’t see the medical student anywhere and assumed that he’d walked home.

However, his girlfriend became concerned when she could not contact Brian, and she telephoned his father. When it became clear to both of them that Brian hadn’t slept in his bed or been seen by anyone since the bar, they raised the alarm.

It remains unknown if Brian decided to take off or was a victim of foul play. His family argues that he had no reason to run off. He was expected to propose to his girlfriend, and he was studying to become a doctor.

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The police know he argued with his friend, Clint Florence, while in the bar and that his friend has refused to take a polygraph test; however, investigators do not have enough evidence to pursue that line of inquiry.

Brian was 6 for 2 inches and weighed approximately 170lbs; he had hazel eyes and a Pearl Jam stickman tattoo on his right bicep.

The disappearance of James Liedtka

Veteran James Liedtka was reported missing on November 5, 2018, after he vanished in the early hours of the night before. He was last seen on surveillance footage near the back of a bar (the Pickle Tavern) on Water Street in Eau Claire, WI., and appeared to be heading towards a bike trail.

James had been to several bars that evening as he was celebrating a friend’s birthday; however, he was refused entry into the Pickle Tavern because a bouncer deemed him too drunk. He was not heard from again.

The university student was 5 foot 7 and weighed about 170lbs when he vanished. He had dark brown eyes and black hair. He was wearing a baseball cap and a maroon T-shirt and jeans.

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The Missing airs at 9:30/ 8:30c on Investigation Discovery.

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