Brenton Walker said his callous murder of Heather Young “felt great”: It Happened One Night investigates

Mugshot of Brenton Walker
Brenton Walker is serving 45 and 70 years for the murder of Heather Young. Pic credit: Michigan Dept. of Corrections

In rural Michigan in 2016, Heather Young lost her life after meeting Brenton Walker. Heather Young met the 55-year-old Walker at a bar in Onaway, MI., and the pair decided to go back to Walker’s home.

After Young disappeared, police interviewed one of the last people to be seen with her, which led them to Walker’s home. A thorough search of his property led to the discovery of Young’s remains in a wooded area.

Walker told police he became annoyed when Young started talking about her boyfriend, so he shot her in the leg with a .22 rifle.

Walker claimed he tried to bandage the wound, but that she sprayed him with mace and tried to escape, so he shot her again, this time killing her. He later dismembered her with a chainsaw and burned her remains in a fire pit.

Brenton Walker said “it felt great” to murder Heather Young

Walker shocked the court by showing absolutely no remorse, he called Young a “w***e” and said he was glad at what he had done.

He said: “I’m by no means sorry for what I did. I learned a lot about myself, something I tried to get others to try to figure out, and they chose not to. Now when I was given the opportunity to follow through that I’ve known for a long time that I’m capable of doing, it felt great.”

“I feel vindicated because of it; I’ve never felt better in my life. The fact that this happened to this particular individual is because number one she reminded me a lot of my ex-wife and others I’ve been with. A liar, a dope fiend, and a w***e, so yes, I’m not sorry, I have nothing to be sorry about.”

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In 2017, Walker was sentenced to 2-years for count two of possession of a firearm. He was then sentenced to 45-years to 70-years for count six of consecutive second-degree murder.

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