Botched investigation allowed Daniel Myers to get away with murder of Heather Bogle for 4 years

Mugshot of Daniel Myers
Daniel Myers savagely murdered Heather Bogle after she turned down his sexual advances. Pic credit: Sandusky Sheriff’s Office

This week on 48 Hours on ID, the team examined the case of Heather Bogle, a young woman with a 5-year-old daughter, from Sandusky County, Ohio, who was savagely murdered on April 9, 2015.

The 28-year-old Bogle had headed out after working the nightshift at a Whirlpool plant when she vanished. She was later found dead about a mile from the factory where she worked.

Her murderer turned out to be a colleague, Daniel Myers, who had turned violent when she rebuffed his sexual advances.

Heather Bogle’s remains were found in the trunk of her car; she had been savagely beaten and murdered. Heather had fought hard for her life as her hands were covered in defensive wounds.

The killer had eventually handcuffed his young victim and then shot her twice in the back. Bogle’s hair had been chopped off at the scalp, and her fingernails were cut down to the cuticles.

A corrupt cop allowed Daniel Myers to escape justice

The investigation was initially hampered by a corrupt and incompetent lead detective. Sean O’Connell insisted on pursuing several individuals who had nothing to do with the crime. The dirty cop even resorted to tampering with evidence, which led to him being jailed for two years.

Thankfully, the investigation was taken over and relaunched by the more competent and dedicated Sheriff Chris Hilton, who was determined to get justice for Bogle.

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DNA evidence recovered from Bogle’s remains would later point to Daniel Myers. Location data also showed that the victim’s cellphone had been at Myers’s home for approximately an hour while she was missing.

In February 2019, Myers pleaded guilty to murdering Bogle and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He also pleaded guilty to additional counts of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, or evidence tampering. By pleading guilty, he had escaped the potential of the death penalty.

He showed no remorse for his crimes and told a fellow inmate that he had murdered Bogle because she had laughed at him.

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1 year ago

Can I ask how you know she turned down sexual advances? I was unfortunately one of the girls that got away, alive.

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