Bo Kirk kidnapped and murdered by David Hutto and Justin Booth in small town America

Bo Kirk and wife posing on Facebook.
William ‘Bo’ Kirk an X-Ray technician and father of 3 was murdered in Idaho. Pic credit: Family photo /Facebook

William ‘Bo’ Kirk was robbed and murdered in October 2016 in the town of Couer d’Alene, Idaho, in a crime that shocked this quiet rural community. Roomates, David Hutto and Justin Booth, were eventually charged with what appears to have been a completely random murder, they were both sentenced to life in prison.

The crime stemmed from a road rage incident on the evening of October 22nd, 2016. X-Ray technician Bo Kirk, was driving home from work when he had supposedly flashed his lights at the truck in front of him, enraging the two men inside: Booth and Hutto.

The pair followed Kirk to his home where they kidnapped him at gunpoint and stole his truck in the process. They drove a few miles out of town before tying up Bo and shooting him dead at the side of the road. Bo’s body was found 3 days later, after a local psychic allegedly helped with locating the body.

Booth and Hutto then returned to Couer d’Alene, they used Bo’s banking card to empty his account withdrawing $900 . The two were spotted on surveillance cameras driving Bo’s truck around town and purchasing gasoline to torch the vehicle. The truck was later found engulfed in flames.

The pair were not initially arrested and the crime caused fear and despair locally, and also received national coverage. When arrested, Booth was discovered with the same firearm, a Taurus .38 caliber revolver, used to murder Bo.

Both murderers had an extensive criminal history with prior convictions for robbery, burglary, and other felonies; Booth was already on parole and Hutto had outstanding warrants in other states. Both men eventually pleaded guilty to murder.

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Bo Kirk has been described as a popular man, his son referred to him as the ultimate family man. He is survived by his wife Amanda and 3 children.

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E Kitchener
E Kitchener
3 years ago

Don’t know if this stemmed from a Road Rage incident. Both Booth and Hutto were looking for a pickup truck. They just happened to see Bo Kirk drive by. They shot him at the local shooting range.

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