Blood Relatives: Teen Tia Skinner arranged bloody knife attack that led to murder of her father

This week Blood Relatives spotlights the savage stabbing to death of Paul Skinner and at the attempted murder of his wife Mara, all arranged by their teenage daughter Tia Skinner.

Nov. 2010 in St. Clair County and Paul Skinner and his wife Mara suffered a home invasion from armed attackers.

He managed to chase them from the house but he then died from the stab wounds he’d been given during the attack. Mara survived despite having been stabbed more than 25 times.

Their adopted daughter Tia Skinner was in the house at the time and detectives soon discovered she was the one behind the savage attack.

It turned out that Tia had been forbidden from seeing her 19-year-old boyfriend Jonathan Kurtz and her parents had also taken away her mobile phone. This enraged the teenager and she conspired with Kurtz and his friend James Preston, also 19, to murder her parents.

All three were later found guilty and given life sentences without the possibility of parole, though Tia appealed the sentence.

Blood Relatives airs on Thursdays at 9:00 P.M. on Investigation Discovery.

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