Black Widow Blanche Taylor Moore featured on Evil Lives Here

This week Evil Lives Here spotlights the disturbing case of so-called Black Widow Blanche Taylor Moore, who may have poisoned five or more people.

Blanche Taylor Moore as born in Concord, NC, in 1933 and first got married in 1952 to James Taylor. The pair had two children together, though their families would soon be subject to some strange deaths.

First was Blanche’s father, Parker, whom she had an on and off relationship with. He passed away in 1966 with what would later be seen as the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. In 1970 James Taylor’s mother, 83-year-old Isla, also died in a similar manner.

A few years later in 1973 Blanche’s husband starts to get ill and later dies, just 45-year-old. Prior to this she also had an open affair with the manager where she worked, Raymond Reid. Later she’d win substantial monies for a sexual harassment case she took up against him and the company.

In 1985 Blanche met Reverend Dwight Moore and the pair began a relationship. Soon after this Raymond Reid, then 50-years-old, became ill, initially diagnoses with shingles he soon died of what would later be identified as arsenic poisoning.

In 1989 Blanche married the Reverend and the same year he became ill. This time the arsenic was detected and an investigation began, with all the precious suspected victims being exhumed.

Blanche is soon charged with assaulting the Reverend and with the murder of Raymond Reid. In 1990 she is found guilty of first-degree-murder and sentenced to death.

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She was never convicted of the other murders but detectives suspect she killed five people in all, she remains in prison.

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